Shortlist a Career
Enjoy your work
Be Successful

career guidance For students

Test @ Rs 1000

  • • Sections: 4
  • • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • • Language option: English/Kannada
  • • Fee: Rs 1000 + Taxes
  • • Counselling packages starting at Rs 900

career counselling For students

What you will be tested on

  • • Subject Based Test
  • • Aptitude Test
  • • Career Interest Test
  • • Personality Test.

career guidance and counselling

Your Report

  • • Customized 21 page Report showing
    analysis of each section
  • • 3 career options best suited for you
    based on your interest and skills.
    Click here to view the Report

career guidance For students in secondary schools

The subject test:

This section will test what you have learnt in school so far. The results of this section provide you an insight into what subjects you should concentrate on to pursue a career in a certain field that you are interested in.

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The Aptitude Test:

Aptitude test results show what you are naturally good at.You can then look at career options that requires you to use skills that you are naturally good at.

career guidance for high school students

The Interest Test:

There are certain type of occupations/work that might seem naturally attractive to you.This test shortlists activities that you are most likely to enjoy.

career counselling after 12th

The Personality Test:

At high school your personality is just forming.Your personality might change with your life experiences.You can use this result to identify career options that give you higher job satisfaction.

Career Guidance Test


₹ 900

plus GST

  • 60 Minute face to face
    Counselling session.
  • Explore recommended careers as per Marg Career Guidance Report
Career Guidance Test


₹ 1700

plus GST

  • 3 face to face Counselling
    sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Planning and guidance to help you choose a career
  • Parent’s involvement
Career Guidance Test


₹ 2500

plus GST

  • 5 face to face counseling sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Goal setting
  • Reviewing set goal
  • Parent’s involvement
  • Working on unmet concerns (career related or personal)

Is this Important?

"Yes, It is important to take the test seriously so that it will help you look at career options that best suit you based on your skills and interest.
How? The test provides you best study and career options based on your skills, likes ,dislikes and knowledge level."

What is the duration of the test? Do I have to take it in a single sitting or can I attend it on different days?
The test takes about 2.5 hours in total to complete.We recommend that you complete the test on a single day. However, you have the option to attend each of the sections at any time you wish.You can take breaks and attend each section during different days. Once you submit each section, the answers are saved so that you do not need to attend the same section again.However, to get your complete report, you are required to complete the test.
How do I register and make payment for the test?

Students can make the payment online using debit/credit cards/ netbanking.
Do I need to prepare before attending the test?

There is no preparation required for attending the test. The test is designed to evaluate your current knowledge level, interest, natural abilities and personality.
Is every section of the test important or can I skip some sections of the test?
It is important to attend all sections of the test. Students who take the test seriously are likely to find the results more accurate and aligned to their interest and capabilities.

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