Whatis UI/UX design?

User Experience (UX) design is the process of outlining a platform to ensure ease of accessibility and usability for the customer. This is done by assessing the needs and experience of the customers through extensive research and testing. It focuses on ensuring the customer can satisfactorily browse through the website or app without any confusion or difficulty.

User Interface (UI) design is the process of developing a platform that is attractive and aesthetically appealing to the potential customer. These designs are built based on the outlines provided through UX design. It focuses on incorporating and integrating different colours, fonts, buttons, graphics, and animation in the website or app design.

UX and UI design together aim to develop a platform that customers find appealing and easy to use. Both these designs may be created by the same person, different people, or a team ofindividuals.



What do UI/UX designers do?

User Experience (UX) designers are responsible for the following-

  • Researching the target users
  • Developing a wireframe of the platform based on the preferencesof the target users
  • Running usability tests to understand the ease of access and interaction of the user with the developed platform
  • Identifying and outlining any modifications needed for the final product
  • Ensuring the user has a successful and satisfying experience of using the platform
  • Outlining a UX design balancing the needs of the users, expectations of the business, and functionality of the platform
  • Coordinating with Ul designer to develop the final product


User Interface (UI) designers are responsible for the following-

  • Adding visual details to the wireframe developed by the UX designer
  • Selecting the colours, fonts, shapes, icons, types of buttons, etc., to be used
  • Outlining and finalizing the text and images to be used
  • Using different tools to develop the UI design
  • Revising and reworking the UI design based on the feedback received from the UX designers
  • Coordinating with other designers and developersto finalize the product


Whyis UI/UX important to a website or a business?

Creating a Brand Image

As a user, the first thing you do when you hear about something newis to search on Google. Only if you find a relevant website or web source do you have the opportunity to explore and understand the new service, product, or organization. Further, there are numerous online sources, so the next step is to ensure yours stands out. This can be done with UI/UX design! You can ensure that the users can connect and resonate with your companyor brand by designing the platform accordingly.

Increasing User Base

The reason is simple-the more online reach, the more the users. If you have an online platform that is easy to use and eye-catching for your users, they will increase manifold. This will ensure that your organization gets around well in circles and reaches many more intended users. Moreover, online links are easier to share and promote, and engaging ones are morelikely to be shared and promoted!

Encouraging User Action

Once a user enters your online platform, the next step is to convert it into a profitable outcome for your business. This can be done byplacing appropriate calls to action messages, promotions, and notifications on the platform. The design and functionality of the platform will further decide if the user can interact and respond to these messages. Thereby, if your platform’s UI/UX design is good, you are morelikely to get a conversion or have a new customer!

Promoting CustomerLoyalty

If you need to rope in your user to interact and engage more with your business, a well-designed virtual platform can help you do that. The UI/UX designers can design subscription or sign-up pages to enable customersto havefull access to the website or remain updated with the latest ongoings of the business. This allows you to collect a potential mailing list or email database of your potential customers. You can use this information to regularly interact with the customers and improve their loyalty to your brand or business.

Educational requirements/qualifications

There is no specific course designed specifically for the field of UI/UX design. However, you can pursue an undergraduate degree in design, computer science, media science, or liberal science to have a better hold in this field.

The more important requirement to become a UI/UX designer is to develop adequateskills in the tools used in this profession. You can take up short-term or online courses in software like InDesign, Adobe Photoshop,Corel Draw, and programming languages such as Java, CSS, HTML, XML.

Institutes that offer related courses

  • National Institute of Design (NID), Anmedabad & Bengaluru
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), multiple locations
  • Pearl Academy, multiple locations
  • MAEER’S MIT Institute of Design, Pune
  • Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI), Mumbai
  • GD Goenka University, Haryana
  • Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bengaluru
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • Amity School of Fine Arts, Noida
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Important skills required

  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Motivation to create unique user-friendly products
  • Interest to constantly learn and update oneself
  • Basic programming skills (preferable)
  • Business skills
  • Visualization skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Aesthetic skills
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Ability to receive feedback and improve
  • Ability to effectively use tools for wireframing and graphic design

Different types of Job roles/Career Prospects

  • User Researcher
  • Wireframe Expert
  • ContentStrategist
  • UX/UI Developer (Involves coding like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)
  • Information Architecture (UX Designer)
  • Visual Designer (UI Designer)
  • Interaction Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Usability Tester
  • UX Design Manager

Top Recruiting Companiesin India

  • Lollypop Design Studio, Bengaluru
  • ScreenRoot, Bengaluru
  • Yellow Slice, Bengaluru
  • Prismic Reflections, Nashik
  • Koru Technologies, Pune
  • The AntiAlias, New Delhi
  • Lazy Eight, New Delhi
  • Sparklin Innovations, New Delhi
  • 17 Seven, Mumbai
  • F1Studioz, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai

We hope you now have a clear and comprehensive idea about a career in UI/UX design in India. However,if you still have any doubts about this topic, you can drop your career-related query at support@margforyou.com, and we will help you out!

Sruthi Suresh