95% of students in high school in India select their stream in 11th grade without understanding employment opportunities or career options that the course offers.


About 33% students in
college unhappy about the course
they selected.


Nearly 30% of working professionals
are unhappy with their current job

"Planning your career and trying to look at career goals will ensure that you are successful whether you decide to work after graduation or pursue post graduation."

Step: 1

Student registers for the test and makes payment

Step: 2

Student attends the 4 section test

Step: 3

Our advanced backend engine analyses student responses.

Step: 4

Student gets a customized report showing 3 best career options best suited for them.

"Our aim is not to tell you what you will be when you grow up.
Instead we aim to point you in the right direction."

Test details

  • • Sections: 4
  • • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • • Language option: English/Kannada
  • • Fee: Rs 1000 + Taxes
  • • Counselling packages starting at Rs 500
  • Click Here

What you will be tested on

  • • Subject Based Test
  • • Aptitude Test
  • • Career Interest Test
  • • Personality Test.

Your Report

  • • Customized 21 page Report showing
    analysis of each section
  • • 3 career options best suited for you
    based on your interest and skills.
    Click here to view the Report

Customised for India

We developed this test keeping in mind the Indian student.


We understand that a student might be more comfortable in attending the test in their mother tongue. Hence we give the students the option to attend the test in vernacular language.


We are a not for profit company. What we charge is minimal and affordable to the larger segment of Indian students in Rural areas and government schools.

Simplified Reports

We have tried to keep our customized reports as simple as possible so that it is easy for a 9th Grade student to understand.







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