Does my child need career guidance? Do | need career guidance? It can be confusing to understand when to approach a career counsellor or a career guidance centre. It is not that you lack knowledge or awareness, but it is always better to have someone to discuss your ideas. A career counsellor can be the right person for you in such a situation. They listen and try to understand what you want and guide you in the right direction. Here are some stages in life when it would be useful to seek out career guidance.



Pursuing higher education

All of us are faced with the crucial decision of which stream to opt for in the 12th grade? Later which courseto pick at the college level? With the plethora of options available today,it is only natural for us to feel overwhelmed. Career guidance at this stage will help you make the right choices that are in line with your future career plan.


Looking for work opportunities

Onceyou leave your school or college, the next stage is work. A single course can open work opportunities in multiple areas which differ in setting, timings, type of work, and much more. It is essential to understand what you are looking for in a workplace and how you would like to contribute. Manypeople get into jobs and later realize that they are unhappyor thatit is unfulfilling. These situations can be avoided by consulting a career counsellor before you enter the work field.

Striving for career growth

A job needs to be motivating, challenging, and satisfying at the same time. Repeating a monotonous task daily that does not stimulate your interest can be a buzzkill. Once you have mastered your present job, you maystart looking for something new or something more to do. That is when a career counsellor can pitch in to help you explore how to growin your present career. They can guide you towards resources, connect you with professionals in the field, and support you in charting out your career growth plan.

Considering a career/job shift

If you are dissatisfied or feel unfulfilled in your current job/career, you may explore other options. With the assistance of a career counsellor, you can map out how your current educational qualification, work experiences, and skills developed can be matched with another career. This will reduce a significant amount of time wading through the numerous career options in the hopeof finding something you love but can also do.


Feeling a lack of purposeor goals

In general, if you are experiencing a lack of purpose or goal, it could be because you are unhappywith your current career choices or confused about how to go forward. Meeting with a career counsellor will provide you with the platform to discuss and brainstorm what could be your potential purpose or goal. You will be able to choose your goal, plan how to reach it, and start working towards it.


  • Career guidance can be the right mentorship you are looking for to take you through different options and help you plan your future in an unbiased manner.
  • The different assessments used during the career guidance process can help improve your self-awareness. This can help you make career-related decisions that are according to your interest and values.
  • If you feel that something is lacking, career guidance can train you in building confidence, acquiring new skills, writing your resume, preparing for interviews, etc.
  • When you have chosen your career but are unsure how you should preparefor it, the career guidance process can introduce you to the potential examination processes, required educational qualifications, work-life, etc.
  • There are too many resources out there, and it can be challenging to find authentic and reliable sources. A career counsellor can be that trusted person who can help you find the right resources to prepare for your career.
  • When you love your job but are unable to focus, you may not perform at your best. The career guidanceprocesswill help you identify why and how you lose focus. You will also be provided with techniques and strategies to become that star performer you are meant to be!
  • |f you are dissatisfied with your current job/career, a consultation with a career counsellor can go a long way. They can guide you in identifying what you are looking for in your job/career and how you can achieve it without wasting what you have learnt.

This blog has highlighted why and how the career guidance process can help you or your child. Start right awayand seek out the assistance you need by dropping a mail

Sruthi Suresh